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5 Must-Have Classroom Cleaning Essentials

5 Must-Have Classroom Cleaning Essentials

As a teacher trying to juggle lesson planning, quiz grading, behavior reports, and more, it’s easy to forget about smaller details like classroom cleanliness. While your school building may have a designed custodian or janitorial team, it’s ultimately up to you to ensure your classroom is clean. You’ll need supplies to wipe down high-contact areas or clean kids’ hands after a messy activity. Here are the five must-have classroom cleaning essentials.

Paper Towels

While paper towels may go quickly, they’re lifesavers. Don’t let another school day pass you by before building a stash of paper towels. Whether you’re conducting an M&M math game activity or wiping up a child’s spilled juice box, paper towels are a quick, sanitary, and effective way to clean up and keep going.

Antibacterial Wipes

Let’s face it; kids are germy. Schools are hubs for disease transmission, spreading from child to child, home to home. If you want to minimize the flu’s impact on your class, keep a large stash of antibacterial wipes at the ready. Consider stocking up with our bulk isopropyl alcohol wipes at Dutch Harbor Brands. We’re proud to offer wipes with both 70 and 90 percent isopropyl alcohol concentrations for varying degrees of cleaning intensity.

Hand Sanitizer

No matter what age your students are, kids are notoriously bad at washing their hands for the full 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for kids who don’t wash well—or don’t wash at all. Keep your students’ hands clean by putting hand sanitizer by the door and at your desk.

Microfiber Cloth

Whether you’re using it for dusting or scrubbing at caked-on debris, microfiber cloths are the multi-purpose cleaning weapon every teacher should have in their back pocket. With its densely sewn, gentle loops, microfiber towels can help you clean thoroughly.

Air Freshener

Kids don’t always smell clean, especially if many mid-puberty kids come running in from gym class. While you can’t change the fact that body odor exists, you can make the most of the situation with an air freshener. You can use an odor-busting spray before, during, and after class so your room always stays fresh.

With these five must-have classroom cleaning essentials in mind, start building a school success shopping list. No matter what time of year it is, each of these items will come in handy. Explore all our high-quality, bulk cleaning products at Dutch Harbor Brands today.

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