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Dutch Harbor Brands has been developing wet wipe concepts and brands since 1992. DHB produces the most unique, creative and environmentally friendly products in today’s market.

  • Wipex: Line of natural wet wipes, specializing in household and fitness wipes. Our line of products are developed to effectively clean without using harsh chemicals or leaving behind any grimy residue.
  • Germ-Away: A purpose-driven brand committed to the sanitization and disinfecting of our hands. Our mission is to help prevent potentially harmful germs from spreading.
  • AWOW Professional: We are highly driven to make sanitary wipes safe, effective and environmentally-friendly. We take pride in making quality wipes for personal hygiene, health care, makeup removal and more.
  • Natural Essentials: From soothing a child’s fever to tending a scraped knee, Natural Essentials Kids wipes help you clean them up while going natural with our 100% cotton wipes.

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EZ Kosher Scented Baby Wipes 80ct. – Permitted For Use On Shabbos

Our kosher baby wipes are truly designed to make your newborn feel as comfortable as possible. This is accomplished with our ultra soft and strong wipes. Care for your baby's delicate skin with our alcohol-free wipes. They have a nice fresh scent that isn't overpowering. Our formulation contains Aloe Vera to nourish extra sensitive skin.