a Division of Unico I.T.C.

Dutch Harbor Brands™

What you get with Dutch Harbor Brands is a trusted, worry-free wet towelette manufacturer with no additional unexpected costs.

Dutch Harbor Brands™ is a division of the wet towelette manufacturer Unico ITC, dba A World of Wipes. DHB has been developing wet wipe concepts and brands since 1992 and has earned admirable recognition worldwide. DHB produces the most unique, creative and environmentally friendly products in today’s market.

Consistent quality and expertise are key factors in the success and diversity of DHB. Dutch Harbor Brands™ encompasses a broad range of products in Health Care, Skin Care, Cosmetics, and Cleaning Products. Therefore, addressing all aspects of personal well-being and cleaning needs. Held at the highest importance at DHB, our products are all based on extensive research and development. In addition, an emphasis on pharmaceutical-related product development and manufacturing. The results are reflected in the newest, most convenient, and earth-friendly products available of the finest caliber.

In recent years, Dutch Harbor Brands™ has invigorated the market with the introduction of new innovative wet towelette products.

  • The Wipex® line of Natural Household Cleaning Wipes offers outstanding quality. Resulting in, superior cleaning power and exceptional packaging. Our signature colorful canisters have attracted the attention of major retailers across the globe.
  • And Germ-Away® our popular antibacterial line of products, complies with strict adherence to the FDA guidelines.
  • Catering to the professional and institutional markets is our line of innovative products under the label A World of Wipes Professional® or AWOW Professional.
  • And our novel retail line of wet wipes, Natural Essentials®, promotes personal well-being with the contemporary desire to “go natural”. This line combines Eco-friendly formulations, essential oils, and sustainable and biodegradable towelettes and packaging.

In conclusion, Dutch Harbor Brands™ is heavily involved in Research & Development of new products based on market demands.

  • cGMP , FDA & EPA establishment registered.
  • ISO certified.
  • QC, Micro and stability Lab testing
  • Ocean freight
  • Ocean insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • FDA clearance
  • US Distribution capabilities.
  • 30 years’ experience, track record, reliability, and trust
  • Direct and real time US contact.