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Take Control of Managing Gym Germs

Cleaning Gym Equipment with Wipex-gym-wipes-cycling

Its time to make that all important, life changing commitment in your life: What gym to belong to? It’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s a decision to maintain a healthy body and mind. That’s a great thing provided you don’t frequent a gym that is subpar in the cleanliness department. Gyms are breeding grounds for bacteria. From the common cold to the infectious superbug MRSA! Cleaning gym equipment is serious business. What can you do to make the best possible choice?

Before joining a gym be sure to ask about the gym’s cleaning processes. Don’t be shy! Ask how often the gym equipment is sanitized and how staff makes sure these tasks are completed. The key words you should listen out for are: sanitizing, disinfecting and fungicidal. Also, be sure to take a quick tour of the gym and observe whether or not equipment has dust accumulating in the corners. Could be a sign that their cleanliness regimen is not a priority.

Cleaning Gym Equipment

Once you have decided which gym to join, do your part to keep healthy.  Get in the habit of disinfecting the machines you use before and after your workout. Make a consecrated effort to keep your hands away from your T-zone – eyes, nose and mouth – as these are the main entry points for germs to enter our bodies.

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