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Answering Your Most Commonly Searched CPAP Mask Cleaning Questions!

CPAP Mask Cleaning

What is a CPAP Machine?

Millions of Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder that causes pauses in breathing which can last a few seconds up to a few minutes. One of the most popular solutions to this disorder is using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure system (CPAP). A CPAP machine gathers and filters air to generate air pressure that keeps your breathing airways open.

CPAP machines are vital for people with Sleep Apnea, therefore cleaning it is extremely important. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your CPAP mask and equipment are germ-free is a pivotal part of revitalizing your sleep experience.

There are tons of CPAP cleaning questions floating around the internet. How do you know which solutions are the best? Don’t worry! We took care of that for you. We gathered the most Googled CPAP mask cleaning questions to answer for you!

Commonly Asked CPAP Cleaning Questions & Answers:

  • Do I need to clean my CPAP? : YES! A CPAP machine is a moist warm environment, as a result, causes bacteria. Therefore, cleaning your CPAP mask and equipment is vitally important. Everyone should sleep easy knowing that their mask is germ-free and safe to breathe into.
  • How often should you clean your CPAP mask? : It is recommended that you clean your CPAP mask daily. This is because it is in direct contact with your face every single night. Cleaning it daily will eliminate the bacteria instantly. Wiping down your CPAP mask every day will also prevent breakouts on your face from the straps.
  • Are CPAP cleaners effective? : Yes, CPAP cleaners are very effective. Anyhow, a lot of CPAP cleaners can get very pricey such as CPAP sanitizer machines. There is a much simpler and cost efficient way to clean your CPAP mask and equipment.
  • What can I use to clean my CPAP mask? : We already covered how CPAP cleaning machines can get very expensive. So, what is the best cost efficient yet effective way to clean your CPAP mask? WIPES!

Solution: AWOW Professional CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes

Our AWOW Professional CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes are beloved by the CPAP community. We’ve made cleaning and maintaining your CPAP equipment more convenient than ever. Simply wiping down your device every morning will help it function to the best of its abilities to make sure you have a healthy sleep experience.

Our CPAP Cleaning Wipes comes in a canister containing 62 wipes, which makes it a more economical choice. They are made from 100% natural cotton that is gentle yet effective for your mask. All-natural wipes are preferred for cleaning your CPAP mask compared to using alcohol-soaked wipes.

Using wipes to clean your CPAP mask and equipment is also more timesaving compared to soaking your equipment. With our CPAP Wipes all you need to do is wipe down your mask and then it’s ready for bedtime. Compared to washing and soaking your equipment which takes up time and then waiting for it to completely dry.

We hope this CPAP cleaning Q&A answered a lot of your important questions. Every CPAP machine should be treated with care. Our CPAP Cleaning Wipes are here to help you! Spend more time sleeping and less time cleaning!

AWOW Professional CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes, 62ct

Single Pack
3 Pack Bundle
12 Pack Case

Cleaning and maintaining your CPAP Mask and Equipment couldn’t be simpler and more convenient with our Natural CPAP Mask wipes. Now our 100% plant-based wipes will clean and deodorize your mask without the need for soaking!

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