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DIY Easter Eggs With Wipex Wipes!

diy easter eggs

How To Dye Easter Eggs With Wipex Wipes

Easter is hopping around the corner! It’s such a fun time of the year with fun Easter themed candy, getting a picturing with the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunting! But, we can’t start an Easter egg hunt without dying eggs first! Kids and adults all over the world have been dying eggs for years and years. Have you noticed that the egg dying ways haven’t changed much? We stick a dye tablet in a cup of water. That got us thinking, what other ways can we dye wipes using wipes. We tested it just for you! Here’s how to make tie-dye eggs using Wipex wipes!

DIY Easter Eggs With Wipex

Step 1: Boil your eggs. Put as many eggs as you like in a pot of water and put the stove on high to bring to a boil. Let the eggs sit in the boiling water for up to 10 minutes. Once they are done, carefully remove the eggs and place them in an ice bath to cool. Don’t start the dying process until each egg is cool to the touch.


Step 2: Gather all of your materials needed. You’ll need markers with colors of your choosing, the eggs you hard-boiled earlier, rubber bands and wipes. Today we used Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipes! Wipex wipes are the perfect option for this DIY project. These wipes contain vinegar which is the best ingredient when dying eggs because it helps the colors become more vibrant.

wipex easter eggs


Step 3: Design your wipe. Pull out a wipe from the Wipex canister and place it on a napkin or paper plate. Grab the markers and start drawing all over the wipe. You can draw on designs or just color in the entire wipe to create a tie-dye look.

wipex wipes


Step 4: Once you are done decorating your Wipex wipe you’ll need to wrap the egg in the wipe. Make sure the colored side of the wipe is touching the egg. To secure the wipe you’ll need to wrap 1-2 rubber bands around each one. Then, place each egg back into the carton to sit for about an hour.

wipex easter eggs


Step 5: Unwrap the eggs. After an hour take the rubber bands and the wipes off the eggs. And TA-DA! Your eggs are perfectly dyed for Easter!

wipex eggs

wipex easter eggs final

This is a great new and fun way to dye eggs with your entire family. Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

P.S- Your hands might get a little messy from the markers. But not to worry! After creating your Easter eggs, wipe your hands with Germ-Away antibacterial wipes! Leaving your hands clean and germ-free.

germaway easter eggs

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