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This is a safe and creative place for DIYers to post their cleaning wipe formulas

We built this platform for you to express your love for DIY! Here we highlight different ways of using our AWOW Professional DIY Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit (SKU: AP71924DY). Our DIY Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit is a blank canister that comes with dry wipes. This is where you come in to create your own DIY surface or hand cleaner to pour into the canister, thus creating your own DIY wipes! There are thousands of ways to create your own cleaning solution, share yours today!

How To Submit your own DIY surface or hand wipe solution:

  1. Click on “SUBMIT YOUR DIY WIPE BLOG” at the top of the page.
    NOTE: We recommend using a GOOGLE CHROME browser when submitting your blog.
  2. Fill out the form accordingly with your blog entry and submit for approval. All pictures should be saved as compressed jpeg at 80% and not larger than 1500 pixels x 1500 pixels (no smaller than 1000 pixels on the long side)
  3. You will be prompted to create a site login from which you will receive an email to create a password. At this point your submission has been received and will reviewed.
  4. Once approved, by us, your blog will upload to our DIY page for everyone to view and comment on.
  5. You may edit your post by going to “Manage My DIY Post” under your user menu. However, it will go through another review before it becomes reposted.

DIY Ingredients Suggestion: When creating your DIY wipe solution, we suggest coming up with a set of ingredients that equals to 5.5 ounces or less. Once you have your ingredients you pour them into the AWOW DIY container, with the dry wipes inside. Then, close the lid and shake it up! Once your wipes are all soaked with your ingredients you are ready to use the wipes to clean.

DIY Community: This is a safe and creative place for DIYers to post their cleaning wipe formulas. We do not tolerate negativity or any form of it. Please be kind and respectful to your fellow DIY community.

DIY Terms & Conditions: We are not responsible for any of the submitted formulas. Any action taken upon the methods described and ingredients listed in this blog is strictly at your own risk.  The submitted ingredients are suggestions for cleaning solutions. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more “Responsibility of Contributors” information.

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