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For cart totals over $90, we offer free shipping. A cart that totals below $90 will have a shipping fee. Fees are tiered at certain cart totals For example; a cart total of less than $20 will have a shipping fee of $8.95. Some states may have live carrier shipping rates. These include Hawaii, Alaska and other military locations.

Our goal is to offer you the best on-time delivery, no matter where you live. The time frame for order delivery is divided into two parts: Processing Time and Shipping Time. All orders are sent to our fulfillment centers for dispatch within 24 hours if placed Monday-Thursday. Orders received Friday-Sunday are handled first thing Monday mornings. The shipping time takes 3-5 days depending on your state and courier service selected. We use UPS, FedEx and USPS.

After placing your order, we do an order verification, then orders are sent to our fulfillment center for dispatch. We go through a thorough product and packaging quality check. Your order is then sent out for delivery for you to use and enjoy!

Yes! You will receive an email invoice/receipt after purchasing a product.


Most of our wet wipes are biodegradable. To tell if the product is biodegradable or compostable, the substrate material could be 100% cotton or 100% Viscose (a natural plant fiber) or derived from other plant based materials, such as bamboo.

Some of the products that are biodegradable on our website include Wipex 800 Count Fitness Wipes, AWOW Professional CPAP Mask Wipes, AWOW Professional DIY Wipes and all our Natural Essentials wipes except for Lil’Peepers Baby Eye Wipes.

All of our wipes are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Israel.

It is not recommended to flush wet wipes in general. We recommend that you dispose of them in the wastebasket since wet wipes do not disintegrate quickly as toilet paper.

The recommended shelf life of Germ-Away wipes and Wipex 800 is 36 months. The DIY dry wipes are indefinite before saturation which also depends on the formula utilized. For all of our other products, the recommended shelf life is 24 months.

Canisters will have a noticeable starter wipe from the center of the roll that you will pull to thread the dispenser. There are occasions that the start wipe tip falls back into the center hole. If this happens, place your index finger inside the hole and press lightly against the side wall of the hole, turn and then lift.

The level of alcohol in our formulations may not cause any harm when used according to the label instructions.


When you submit an order by credit card on this website the payment is immediately authorized, captured and posted by the end of the day.

People use Wish List in different ways. Some of our customers use it as a “Save for Later” list while they research other products. Then can easily come back later and select items from their Wish List more easily. Some create Wish Lists explicitly to send to friends and family to give them gift ideas. Many of our products make great gifts, such baby wipe products or fitness equipment wipe canisters.

Please email us at [email protected] if you have received a damaged or wrong product along with your order number and item(s) purchased. We may ask for photos for the damages on the boxes and contents inside of the box. We will do our best to remedy the situation in a timely manner.

Orders will be automatically canceled if the payment has failed or was declined. Once an order is processed you cannot cancel it. However, please email us at [email protected] if you have any concerns with your order.

We will provide a tracking number for either UPS, FedEx or USPS when we complete your order. You can log in to your account and get live updates and status of your package. You will also receive an email with a tracking number when your order ships.

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Please contact us at [email protected] with your order information and your reason for returning the item(s). Items over $90 will have a Restocking Fee up to 50% of the items price.

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