Wipex® Fitness Wipes

Wipex Refill Rolls Fitness Equipment Cleaning Wipes

Ideal for: Fitness Training Centers • Gyms • Pilates • Yoga • Massage Therapy • Tanning Studios • Spas • Medical Facilities. Wipex refill rolls fit conveniently into our Wall-Mounted Gym Wipe Dispenser. Wipex natural wipes are safe to use on hands and equipment, including soft padding and hard surfaces. From yoga mats and weight racks to ellipticals and stationary bikes - Wipex® wipes are perfect for commercial gyms. Our wipes are designed to effectively clean surfaces without using harsh chemicals or leaving behind grimy residue. Safe and effective and they can also clean the LCD screens on advanced equipment.

Many of our products are Green!

All Wipex® products are made with love… and MANY are made with 100% plant-based cloth, too!

Look in the product’s description to know more about which Wipex® fitness wipes variations are plant-based and/or made with all natural ingredients.

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