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Gym Germs: How Dirty Is Gym Equipment, Really?

Gym Germs: How Dirty Is Gym Equipment, Really?

We all know that sweat is an indication of hard work at the gym. And sweat builds up on every machine as people use the same equipment day by day. Though gyms encourage wiping parts down before leaving, few gym-goers adhere to these rules. Given the mix of sweat and germs, among other things, how dirty is gym equipment, really?

The Short Answer—Very Dirty

Let’s face it—your gym is extraordinarily dirty. Even if you have a home workout center, you can’t avoid the buildup of sweat, bacteria, skin cells, dirt, and other bodily residues. If you don’t attend to cleanliness while working out, you put your health at unnecessary risk. Don’t sacrifice all your hard work promoting your physical health on the treadmill or weights machines only to blow off cleaning equipment. Otherwise, you may contract things like athlete’s foot or the flu.

It Varies by Equipment

Gym equipment dirtiness depends on equipment type and usage. The most touched items like treadmills will carry far more germs than, say, 90-pound dumbbells that few people use each day. In fact, gym equipment can hold exponentially more bacteria than a toilet seat! Regardless of the equipment you use, though, you will undoubtedly encounter a germ of some kind if you’re not careful.

Protect Yourself and Others

Just because you’ve used the gym with the teeming bacteria of the masses doesn’t mean you’re immune to all gym-dwelling diseases. Exercise hygiene and gym courtesy demand attentiveness to cleanliness. Protect yourself and others by utilizing gym wipes and washing your hands frequently before and after your workout. The more focus you put on your personal hygiene, the cleaner you and your gym will be.

Are you still wondering, “Just how dirty is gym equipment?” Well, remember that the rules exist for a reason and the transfer of bodily fluids is the primary method for bacterial and viral spread. If you want to curb gym uncleanliness, stock up your workout hub with moist sanitation towelettes with a gym wipes refill. Explore our gym wipe offerings at Dutch Harbor Brands today and start your journey toward a cleaner gym.

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