Help! How can I prevent painful cracked skin while still keeping my hands sanitized all day?

COVID-19 has brought awareness of personal hygiene and cleanliness to a new level. We are all paying more attention to our hands’ exposure to germs, especially when we are out in public. Luckily for us, the CDC, WHO, Mayo Clinic and many others leading the fight against the spread of the current global pandemic have all released detailed instructions on how to maximize our hand washing effectiveness so we can be sure we are getting rid of nasty germs and bacteria.


Unfortunately we have all quickly discovered that this constant hand washing is causing another, less-noticeable epidemic: cracked, painful, dry hands. Constant application of soap and water or alcohol sanitizer to our hands day-in and day-out has introduced has caused widespread daily hand discomfort and exacerbated it for the 10% of the US population which already suffers from hand eczema, which can lead to serious consequences.


What we don’t realize is that our uncomfortable skin may be more than just a nuisance. According to experts:

“Dry, cracked skin makes it easier for bacteria and other germs to get inside your body.” (American Academy of Dermatology Association ,2020)


Though frequent hand washing is necessary, it seems that ironically it may still leave us vulnerable to bacteria and contagions. But, we can’t just stop protecting ourselves from potentially dangerous microbe. Can this inherent conflict be reconciled?


A study conducted by Brigham Young University found that BZK (benzalkonium chloride), an organic salt compound, is just as effective as traditional sanitizers in killing 99.99% of the COVID virus off the hands within 15 seconds of its application. Products with BZK require much less concentration than alcohol-based sanitizer products. The common burning sensation people often feel from applying alcohol to the skin can be totally avoided by replacing alcohol sanitizer with BZK, making the obvious solution apparent to all those who care about hand health.

For more information, please visit https://news.byu.edu/byu-study-alcohol-free-hand-sanitizer-just-as-effective-against-covid-19-virus-as-alcohol-based-versions .


Another way to keep your hands soft and supple after hand washing is by applying aloe vera. Aloe vera is a super-plant and there is a reason it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. It has incredible benefits, especially for topical application. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties which cools and forms a protective layer over the skin is a fantastic way to keep hands refreshed and moist throughout the day. Aloe vera’s ability to penetrate the skin faster than water and healing properties may even assist in fast recovery for lesions and burns. Plus, aloe vera is packed with vitamin C and E. Many use it to keep their skin youthful and to prevent aging lines and other blemishes.


When teamed up, BZK and aloe vera are harmonize extraordinarily to keep hands clean throughout the day while still ensuring the health and vitality of your skin. Dutch Harbor Brands has harnessed both of these powerful properties into the most convenient of forms: Germ-Away® Hand Sanitizing Wipes. These are the perfect quick solution to keep you sanitized at work, on-the-go, or at home. Not only will BZK’s powerful sanitizing ability give you the peace of mind you need, but the aloe vera will keep you feeling smooth so you can do what you do best during the day without worrying about dry-cracked hands. Its Fresh and Lemon scents will keep you coming back for another wipe to keep those clams squeaky clean.

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