Wipex® Fitness Wipes

Wipex Gym Wipes & Fitness Equipment Wipes for Home Gyms

When you’re pushing yourself to the max, you don’t want to think about germs, such as COVID or leftover sweat residue. Level up your gym hygiene and sanitation routine with high-quality workout equipment sanitizing wipes like ours at Dutch Harbor Brands.

If you’re looking to stock up on cleaning supplies for exercise machine cleaning and disinfecting at your Fitness Center or Gym, you should buy gym wipes wholesale to ensure you never run out again. Our products are also excellent cleaning solutions for stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and other home fitness equipment. Explore our varieties of cleansing and antibacterial fitness equipment wipes in soothing scents like lavender, watermelon, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. With the cleaning power of Dutch Harbor Brands workout equipment sanitizing wipes in your hands, you can breeze through your workout feeling safe and healthy.

    Wipex Touchscreen Wipes

    Increasingly more LCD and LED screens being used in modern workout equipment.
    Wipex® Touchscreen wipes are perfect for keeping your screens clean and clear of smudges!

      Wipex Touchscreen & Fitness Wipes Combo Pack – Lavender Scented

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      Our line of products were developed to effectively clean without using harsh chemicals or leaving behind any grimy residue. Effective, natural yet gentle, Wipex™ wipes are unlike any other brand in the market. We pride ourselves in producing products using the latest technologies available while being mindful of the environment and the people using our products every single day. Looking for gym wet wipes? Now you can feel confident that your valuable gym equipment is clean and protected from daily sweat and dirt. Note: Our 700ct800ct and 1200ct Refill Rolls are intended for Wall-mounted Dispensers and are too large to refill any of the Dutch Harbor Brands wipes Bucket variations

      Many of our products are Green!

      All Wipex products are made with love… and MANY are made with 100% plant-based cloth, too!

      Look in the product’s description to know more about which Wipex fitness wipes variations are plant-based and/or made with all natural ingredients.

      To see all of Dutch Harbor Brands’ plant-based wipes, visit our Plant-Based Products Page