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Dog Wipes for Your Furry Friend

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The special furry members of your family deserve care that keeps them happy and healthy guardians of your home. Chances are your pets get a lot of action. They get into trouble at home, play around the yard, or meet their friends at the park. All that day-to-day action can impact your pet’s health and make them vulnerable to infection. Did you know that maintaining paws, ears, and eyes with natural dog wipes and cat wipes can promote their overall wellbeing of your pet? A clean pet is a healthy pet. 

Dogs and cats are prone to fungal and bacterial infections in their paws. The most common causes are allergies, yeast or ringworm fungal infections, cuts and abrasions, and dry and cracked paw pads. As a result of unchecked infections and the lack of a cleaning regiment for your dog or cat, their paws will likely become swollen, itchy, expel discharge, and cause the health of your pet’s paws to deteriorate. 

Cats are susceptible to eye infection due to viral conjunctivitis and herpesvirus. According to the Jacksonville Humane Society, 80% of cats in the US have herpes virus, chances are, your cat is at risk of an eye infection. Furthermore, these infections can eventually lead to respiratory problems and are usually contagious. Additionally, an infection can result in corneal ulcers and eye scarring. Dogs are susceptible to bacterial conjunctivitis. The bacterial infection left untreated in dogs can cause eye discharge, squinting, redness, and cloudiness in the eyes. 

If mites set up shop in your cat’s ear folds, they will likely lead to an infection. Mites will look like tiny black dots but will be a source of massive discomfort for your cat. Dogs with big floppy ears will likely contract a yeast infection. The area under large ears traps moisture and heat. This is a perfect recipe for infection to develop and go unnoticed. Therefore, if left untreated, they can become bacterial infections. This can permanently damage your dog’s ear canal and become much more difficult to treat. 

You should take your pet to the vet if you expect this family member to have an infection. The best way to prevent infection and ensure you have a healthy pet is to frequently check their paws, eyes, and ears for dryness, swelling, redness, and discharge. Should you discover dirt trapped on these body parts, it is best to give the area a proper cleaning. 

You deserve a healthy pet as part of the family. Take care of your four-legged roommates’ needs with the Dutch Harbor Brands’ pet safe Natural Essentials dog wipes and cat wipes line. 

Firstly, with Natural Essentials Wag time Pet Paw & Bath Wipes 100ct Canister, you’ll be able to give your furry family member a full cleaning without any bathtub ordeal with these jumbo-sized bath and paw wipes. Wag Time Pet Paw and Bath wipes have vitamins B5, E, aloe vera, oatmeal, and chamomile. This combination will keep your dog’s paws and fur clean, soothe irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties, and smell fresh. 

Secondly, Natural Essentials Smilin’ Eyes Pet Eye Wipes 100ct Canister will make your pet’s eyes glisten while removing unwanted dirt and tear stains. The aloe vera and chamomile will help soothe irritation and improve skin condition by promoting anti-inflammation. These eye wipes are also infused with eyebright. This herb has the power to remedy eye infections and restore eye health.

Thirdly, like the eye wipes, Natural Essentials Sweet Nothin’s Pet Ear Wipes 100ct Canister consists of aloe vera and chamomile. However, these wipes this mallow infused wipes mainly alleviate irritation by protecting the area it’s applied to with a mucous-like substance. These ear wipes will keep your pet’s ears perky and ready to hear you call out your furry buddy’s name.

Finally, if preserving your pet’s paws, eyes, and ears are all important to you, check out the Natural Essentials Pet Paw & Bath, Eye, Ears Wipes Combo Pack. The package includes the Natural Essentials paw and bath wipes, eye wipes, and ear wipes at a great value. These products are both dog wipes and cat wipes, safe to use on either furry family members! This way you can ensure your healthy pet can their handle the vulnerabilities.

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