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Practical Gifts for Father’s Day!

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Practical Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! We all tend to get in the same rut when buying Father’s Day gifts. For example, ties, mugs and other gifts of that nature. I know all the dads out there appreciate these gifts but they’re also looking for something a little bit more practical. Our suggestion? Wipes! Now you may be thinking wipes for a Father’s Day gift? We have an array of wipes that your dad could be using every day at home or on the job.

Here’s Our Father’s Day Gift Guide:

  • Handyman Dads: We all know a dad that always gets a little messy around the house. Whether they’re working on the car or fixing a bunch of loose ends around the house. If that sounds like your dad then Germ-Away Antibacterial Wipes are for him! Germ-Away antibacterial hand and face wipes come in a convenient carry around canister for dad to keep in his garage or anywhere around the house. He just pulls out a wipe to quickly and effectively clean his hands so he can get back to his project. Dads of the construction and mechanic job profession will love that they can always have a wipe by their side to save time and stay clean!
  • Workout Dads: Does your dad love to hit the gym? Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipes is the perfect gift for fitness junkie dads. Each wipe comes in a cone canister so dad always has a wipe on hand at the gym. No more worrying about the dirt and sweat from the previous cycling bike rider, wipe the grime away with Wipex. Choose between our two scents of Lavender or Watermelon. Can’t decide which one to get? Get both to make the perfect Father’s Day gift combo!
  • Sleep Apnea Dads: Does your dad need to use a CPAP machine at night? We have specialty CPAP Mask Wipes to help clean his mask before and after use. Easily pull out a wipe from the canister and wipe it clean. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your CPAP mask and equipment are germ-free is such an important part of revitalizing sleep experience. This is a great practical gift for CPAP using dads.

We guarantee dad will love and appreciate these practical gifts this Father’s Day. Gift your dad with the joy of wipes! Which category of wipes best fits your Dad?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Awesome Dads!

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