We have an array of Antibacterial wipes for every occasion! Germ-Away hand wipes to kill stubborn dirt and germs. Wipex Table Bussers for households, schools, and restaurants. DIY Wet Wipes to create your own antibacterial wipes, refill wipes and so much more!

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DIY Wet Wipes Kit, 50 Dry Wipes X 6 Canisters, Create Wipes for Hands or Surfaces

Looking to do-it-yourself and create your own wet wipe for cleaning hands or surfaces? Get Creative with our DIY Wet Wipes Kit! Kit contains 6 canisters of 50 wipes each!

Germ-Away Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes

The overwhelming need to clean and disinfect your hands comes to us all on a daily basis, and especially after
Germ-Away 1200-Ct Refill Pouch

Germ-Away Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes 1200 Ct. Refill Pouch for Dispensers

Our Germ Away antibacterial hand wipes smell great and are gentle and moisturizing on your skin. But they’re super tough on dirt and bacteria, and kill germs including MRSA.