Now introducing Natural Essentials Pets

Natural Essentials Pets™ is dedicated to making a line of natural wipes to safely clean your beloved pets. Wag Time™ Paw & Bath Wipes are natural, effective and convenient. Each wipe is made from 100% compostable viscose, a plant-based fiber, that is soft yet strong enough to tackle any mess.

Kids' Wipes

When it comes to our kids’ well-being, it is very important to treat the problem with the right solution. We have the solution to any little trouble they might get into with our array of babies and kids wipes!

Ouch-eez: First aid wipes that immediately cleanse and soothe those little cuts, scrapes, and bruises
Noz-eez: Extra moisturizing nose wipes to soothe the nose when your child is sick or has allergies
Fever-eez: Fever cooling wipes infused with natural ingredients to help your child feel more comfortable and cool
Lil’ Peepers: Eyelid and Eyelash Cleaning Wipes gently clean those delicate eyes for extra relief
EZ Kosher Baby Wipes: Permitted for use on Shabbos. Available in Scented and Unscented

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