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DIY Wet Wipes Kit, 50 Dry Wipes X 6 Canisters, Create Wipes for Hands or Surfaces

Looking to do-it-yourself and create your own wet wipe for cleaning hands or surfaces? Get Creative with our DIY Wet Wipes Kit! Kit contains 6 canisters of 50 wipes each!
Wipex Gym Wipes Refill Rolls 800 ct

Gym Wipes by Wipex – Natural Fitness Equipment Cleaning, 800 Count Refill Bag for Dispensers

Our new BIGGER 800-count rolls of Wipex® 100% biodegradable fitness equipment wipes still fit into our Wall Mounted Gym Wipe Dispensers, and with more wipes, they last even longer for extra cleaning.

Wipex Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes for Personal Use, Vinegar & Watermelon, 75 Ct

Our Wipex® Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes are perfect for your home gym or your personal fitness equipment such as yoga mats, Peloton bikes, exercise machines, press benches, and dumbbells.
Wipex Gym & Fitness Equipment Wipes with Lavender & Vinegar Refill Pack

Wipex Natural Fitness Wipes 700 Refill

Keep your gym healthy and your gym members happy by regularly using Wipex® Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes.