Household & Car Wipes

Every home and car needs extra special care to keep it clean. We have an array of wipes to help you!

Wipex Table Bussers is perfect to wipe your tables and counters down with. It has the natural cleaning power of vinegar, clove, and cinnamon essential oils. Not only will it effectively and safely clean your counters but also leave a pleasant smell of cinnamon!

Have a secret cleaning solution that’s been passed down for generations? Then try our DIY Wipes! Simply add your own liquid and essential oils to each pre-packaged dry wipe canister. Keep one in your car to clean on the go with this portable sized canister!

Look out for our Wipex Floor Wipes coming soon!

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DIY Hand & Surface, Mix-IT-Up Dry Wipe Refills

Create your own hand and surface cleaning wipes! Receive 12 plant-based dry rolls of our DIY dry wipes. Use these wipes with our DIY Mix-It-Up Wipe Kit and start getting creative!

DIY Hand & Surface, Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit

Did you ever want to create your own cleaning wipes instead of using the harsh chemical cleaners in store? Well, now you can with our DIY Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit! Get creative and make your own hand and surface wipes. Kit contains 6 canisters of 50 dry wipes each.

Wipex Be Grounded Natural Wet Floor Wipes – Rosemary

We are officially bringing back our Wipex Be Grounded Natural Floor Wipes! We're excited to share with you our new design! Keep checking back in for its release!

Wipex Natural Furniture Wipes

Specially formulated with Orange Essential Oil and Olive Oil to clean, shine and protect your furniture and wood surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

Wipex Table Bussers – Natural Table & Counter Cleaning Wipes for Restaurants, Schools, Households and more!

Wipex® Table Bussers Table & Counter Turnover Cleaning Wipes is a natural cleaning alternative for food service front-of-house operations, especially formulated with restaurant patrons and busser staff in mind. Our wipes are more effective than traditional rags and spray bottles on nonporous surfaces. Each wipe comes saturated with natural cleaning liquid for its one-time use. The pleasant non-toxic scent of cinnamon – without the sticky residue – awaits your patrons with each pull of the wipe.