Wipex® Fitness Wipes

Wipex® Refill Roll and Wall Dispenser Starter Packs

Wipex® Fitness Wipes and Wall-Mounted Dispenser (available in black or white) is the natural solution to keep your studio or gym hygienic! So, members can easily grab a single wipe to clean their yoga mats, fitness equipment, and more. The Dispenser fits all of our Wipex® Gym Wipe Refill Pouches and simply attaches to your wall. Now you can feel confident that your gym equipment is clean and protected from daily sweat, dirt, and grime.

Many of our products are Green!

All Wipex® products are made with love… and MANY are made with 100% plant-based cloth, too!

Look in the product’s description to know more about which Wipex® fitness wipes variations are plant-based and/or made with all natural ingredients.

To see all of Dutch Harbor Brands’ plant-based wipes, visit our Plant-Based Products Page