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Dutch Harbor Brands has been developing wet wipe concepts and brands since 1992. DHB produces the most unique, creative and environmentally friendly products in today’s market.

Line of natural wet wipes, specializing in household and fitness wipes. Our line of products are developed to effectively clean without using harsh chemicals or leaving behind any grimy residue

A purpose-driven brand committed to the sanitization and disinfecting of our hands. Our mission is to help prevent potentially harmful germs from spreading.

We are highly driven to make sanitary wipes safe, effective and environmentally-friendly. We take pride in making quality wipes for personal hygiene, health care, makeup removal and more.

A unique line of natural wet wipes. Good for you. Good for the environment. Making daily lives cleaner, safer, and more convenient one wipe at a time.

The Pearlessence™ line, manufactured by Jocott, is delicate and soothing to your skin. Quality ingredients paired with the convenience of Micellar water, help keep your skin feeling gentle and soft.

Our kosher baby wipes are truly designed to make your newborn feel as comfortable as possible. These wipes are 100% Kosher. EZ Kosher Wipes are made from 100% Polyester

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Fever Cooling Wipes for Kids and Babies

Fever Cooling Wipes for Kids & Babies For Relief, Candy Cane Scent, 32-Ct

Infused with Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol and other natural ingredients, Fever-eez® cooling wipes make fevers less uncomfortable, keeping your child feeling comfortable and reassured with the delicious fun scent of sweet candy cane that kids love.

Fever-eez, Noz-eez, Ouch-eez, Variety 3 Pack Kids First Aid – Nose – Fever Wipes

Good things come in threes. The Ouch-eez, Noz-eez and Fever-eez variety pack are a great way to be prepared for your kids most uncomfortable days.
Baby Eye Wipes good for adults and children of all ages.

Lil Peepers Eyelid and Eyelash Cleansing Wipes for Kids & Babies, 30 Sachets

Lil' Peeper baby eye wipes are made from natural ingredients, and are free from alcohol, preservatives and fragrances.

Natural Essentials Smilin’ Eyes Pet Eye Wipes 100ct Canister

Brighten your pets’ day with Smilin’ Eyes™! Each wipe safely and effectively wipes away tear stains and dirt around their eyes. Your pets will be left with a twinkle in their eyes and a smile on their face.

Natural Essentials Sweet Nothin’s Pet Ear Wipes 100ct Canister

Sweet Nothin’s™ wipes is like music to the ears! Clean those perky pet ears safely and effectively while soothing any irritations.
Natural Essentials Wag Time Paw and Bath Wipes - 100 Count Canister

Natural Essentials Wag Time Pet Paw & Bath Wipes 100ct Canister

Conveniently refresh your pet without the need to rinse. Wag Time™ Paw & Bath Wipes are natural, effective and convenient. Getting your pet clean is as easy as yelling “Wag Time”!

Noz-eez Moisturizing Nose Wipes for Babies and Kids, Silly Banana Scent, 32-Count

Noz-eez® extra moisturizing nose wipes in Silly Banana are ideal for little noses, which we know deserve extra special care.

Ouch-eez Kids First Aid Wipes for Cuts & Bruises, Fresh Apple Scent

Ouch-eez® are the only 100% Cotton natural wipes formulated with natural ingredients to provide relief when toddlers and kids take those spills.