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Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide!

DHB Stocking Stuffer Guide

Can you believe it’s December already? There are only a few more weeks to do your holiday shopping! There are so many people that we keep in mind when shopping including our parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and more. Thinking of what to get someone is always the hard part. Need some help picking holiday gifts? We have the perfect stocking stuffer guide for you!

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide:

  • For the Fitness Lovers- 

    Do you have that one friend or family member that basically lives at the gym? Do they either go every day or spend hours at their home gym? Well, we have the perfect gift for them! Our Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipes comes in an on the go canister containing 75 wipes! These fitness equipment wipes are made with natural ingredients including vinegar and lavender essential oils. Leaving their gym equipment clean and smelling fresh. This canister fits perfectly in their gym bags to wipe away the germs at their public gyms.

  • For the Germaphobes- 

    Do you know someone that carries around hand sanitizer everywhere they go? Germ-Away is for them! Germ-Away are antibacterial wipes for your hands and face. These wipes come in an on the go canister containing 80 wipes. The canister is perfectly designed to fit in your cars cup holder! These wipes are moisturizing yet tough on bacteria.

  • For the Beauty Bloggers- 

    Do you have that one friend that watches makeup tutorials 24/7? We have the perfect gift for all your makeup obsessed friends! Our AWOW Professional Make-Up Wipes comes in a super convenient pack of 25 wipes. It removes stubborn makeup from your eyes, face, and lips. These wipes are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and super moisturizing on your skin. They will love having these by their side!

  • For the Yogis- 

    For all the yoga lovers in your life, yoga is more than just a workout – it’s a lifestyle. Therefore, their yoga mats are very important to them. If you know someone like this, then Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipes is the perfect stocking stuffer choice. Our wipes are the yoga mat cleaner of choice! It’s all natural and tough enough to clean the sweat after a yoga session. These wipes come in Lavender and Watermelon, satisfying their preference.

  • For the Kids- 

    Schools are breeding grounds for all sorts of germs and bacteria. As a result, more and more kids are easily sick and having their allergies act up more than ever. We have the perfect stocking stuffer for your allergy-prone kids. Noz-eez are extra moisturizing nose wipes for children. These wipes perfectly fit in your child’s backpack to take with them to school, daycare or after-school activities. They contain Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Vitamin E and more natural ingredients to help your kids keep their cold and allergies at bay.

We have tons of stocking stuffers to fit all of your friends and families needs and personalities. Check out all of our products on our site and it will arrive just in time for the holidays!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dutch Harbor Brands!

Wipex Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes for Personal Use, Vinegar & Watermelon, 75ct

Single Pack
4 Pack Bundle
12 Pack Case

Our Wipex® Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes with Watermelon scent are perfect for your home gym or your personal fitness equipment such as yoga mats, Peloton bikes, exercise machines, press benches, and dumbbells.

Wipex Natural Gym, Yoga, Peloton, Fitness Equipment Wipes 75ct – Lavender Essential Oil & Vinegar

Single Pack
4 Pack Bundle
12 Pack Case

Wipex® Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes with Vinegar and Lavender Oil is perfect for home gyms or personal fitness equipment. works like a charm on yoga mats, Peloton bikes, exercise machines, press benches, dumbbells, & much more!

Germ-Away 80 Count Cone Canister Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Single Pack
4 Pack Bundle
12 Pack Case

Our Germ Away antibacterial hand wipes smell great and are gentle and moisturizing on your skin. But they’re super tough on dirt, bacteria, and kill germs. These wipes contain both Aloe Vera and BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride), a non-alcohol based broad-range antimicrobial that kills tough bacteria without soap and water, but is gentle enough to keep skin soft and healthy.

Natural Essentials® Biodegradable Moisturizing Nose Wipes for Babies and Kids, Noz-eez® 32 Wipes

Single Pack
12 Pack Case

Moisturizing nose wipes for kids that have natural ingredients including Elderberry and Aloe Vera to alleviate the nose. Scented with Silly Banana, you and your kids are sure to enjoy using these wipes for when you catch the sniffles!

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