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Two New Ways to Love Wipex

Welcome Two New Products to the Wipex Family!

The Wipex brand would like to introduce to you two new products! Wipex’s line of products are developed to effectively clean without using harsh chemicals. We pride ourselves in creating natural yet effective cleaning wipes. When creating new products, we take in all of your suggestions through reviews to improve our product line in every way. We carefully choose the ingredients and go through months of testing before it even reaches production. Every Wipex cleaning wipe is made with you’re needs in mind. Here are the two new Wipex products!

  • Wipex Table Bussers Refill Pouch: No more wasting your plastic buckets! Reuse them with Wipex Table Bussers Refill Pouches! We created these refill pouches to help save you money and plastic. If you own a restaurant, work as maintenance or even for your home you can stock up on the refills and easily place them in the bucket as you need them. Wipex Table Bussers Table & Counter Cleaning Wipes is a natural cleaning solution with restaurant and busser staff in mind. Each wipe is more effective than your traditional rags and spray bottles. Each refill pouch comes with 400 wipes made with natural ingredients such as vinegar and clove. Leave each table smelling fresh with the natural scent of cinnamon essential oil. Easily place the refill pouch into your empty Table Bussers Bucket, then thread the first wipe through the lid and close to maintain moisture and you’re ready to clean!
  • Wipex Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Fitness Equipment Wipes: Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipes has a new scent! Lemongrass & Eucalyptus! Our beloved Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipe canisters is the heart of Wipex and cherished by the fitness world, especially the Peloton community. Each canister has a cone shaped bottom to fit into any type of cup holder to easily take with you on the go! Every canister contains 75 wipes to last you months of workouts. We’ve added the perfect balance of vinegar which is naturally tough to tackle dirt and grime. Start and end each workout with the fresh and energizing scent of the Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Essential Oils. The Wipex Fitness Equipment Wipe Canister also comes in our staple scents of Lavender and Watermelon. Shop our line of Fitness Equipment Wipes today!

Try our new products for yourself and let us know what you think! Wipex is the heart of Dutch Harbor Brands and will continue to create products that are natural and effective.

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