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DIY Wet Wipe Kit to Control Germs!

Diy - From Dry Wipe to Wet Wipe

Between mold & mildew conundrums, stains of unknown origin and toilet bowl calamities, bathrooms can be quite tricky to get spick and span. Does the idea of pouring chemicals over it all make you uncomfortable? How about the potential effects on your health or that of your family? A tried and true solution might be to follow sweet nana’s advice and discover the wondrous cleaning items just sitting in your own pantry shelf. These are basic essentials that’ll get the job done without those toxic fumes or harsh chemicals. The best part: You might just save money by doing a DIY option!

Here’s a general all-purpose cleaner recipe for you to try-out:

Combine the following:

¼ cup White Vinegar

¼ cup Water

4 Tablespoons Hydrogen Peroxide

Try adding your favorite essential oil into the solution to give it your wipes a pleasant fragrance.

Pour the mixture into our DIY Hand & Surface Dry Wipes kit and start cleaning up.

Don’t forget to create a label and mark it with creation date and end date.

Now you never have to wonder what’s in your household surface cleaner. Take back control over what you put in your home with our DIY Hand & Surface Wet Wipes. We believe there’s no one better suited to combine the very best natural ingredients to create a product that is uniquely yours in every way.

DIY Hand & Surface, Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit

Single Pack
6 Pack Case

Did you ever want to create your own cleaning wipes instead of using the harsh chemical cleaners? Well, now you can with our DIY Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit! Get creative and make your own hand and surface wipes. Kit contains 6 canisters of 50 dry wipes each.

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