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Wipe Away The Cold!

Noz-eez nose wipes

The Polar Vortex is Upon Us!

States like Chicago have temperatures of a shocking -27°F! Lakes are freezing over, train tracks, buildings, and our noses! Yes, all of our noses are a hue of red this season from these freezing temperatures. Especially the little noses of our kids. But don’t worry! We have you covered! Our Noz-eez® extra moisturizing nose wipes are here to the rescue! But first, let’s see why the cold weather causes a runny nose.

It’s totally and completely normal for our noses to start running in cold temperatures, that means our bodies are doing its job. In other words, we can’t help it, especially for kids. Children are going to school with a stuffy and runny nose from just being outside. Therefore, the germs spread at school which explains why cold weather = flu season.

In an interview with Dr. Andrew Lane, from the Sinus Center, he explains why exactly our noses get so affected by cold weather. He says, “Well, it’s really a combination of two things. It’s part respiratory biology and part of it is physics, or thermodynamics. One of the main functions of the nose is to warm and humidify the air that we breathe so that when it reaches your lungs, it’s nice and conditioned. And in order to do this, the nose has to add some moisture to it. When it’s very cold out, the air is usually dry as well, and the nose is really working overtime to add some fluid. And there are reflexes that are in place that allow the nose to increase its fluid production. And if it really makes a lot of fluid, then it starts to run out of the end of your nose.” – NPR


Noz-eez® nose wipes is the perfect alternative to harsh tissues to support children’s noses. They are extra moisturizing nose wipes that provide comfort for those little noses. Here are some more in-depth details on Noz-eez®:

  • Kid-Tested & Approved Scent: Silly Banana
  • 100% Pure Cotton (Certified by Cotton Inc.)
  • Natural Ingredients: Infused with Echinacea, Elderberry, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamin E
  • Nontoxic Chemicals
  • Earth-Friendly, Biodegradable and Compostable

Noz-eez® comes in a convenient carry around pack containing 32 wet wipes. That’s enough to keep your child feeling at ease during this polar vortex. Let us help you wipe away the winter cold!

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